Warcraft 2016

It is hard to think of anyone who hasn’t at least heard of World of Warcraft. The fourth installment of the video game franchise produced by Blizzard became a cultural phenomenon following its release in 2004. World of Warcraft and the idea of Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPG) became entwined with one being introduced with the other. That was 8 years ago and World of Warcraft has gone through 5 expansions with the newest set, Legion, being released in August. It is not difficult to see why the…

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Labyrinth Lord / Stonehell Dungeon

“Explore over 700 rooms, encounter more than 40 new monsters, and discover 18 mysterious magical items — and that’s just in the first book!” These games I am reviewing are not new. In fact, some of the newer ones are still nearing 10 years old with the majority of them being from decades past. Perhaps this review might be useful for people interested in old school Dungeons and Dragons and avoiding and welcoming some of the hilarity which comes in it’s package. For me, who adores the flavor of old…

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Bandcamp Power Metal Roundup #7

Below are a list of unsigned power metal bands. The fact these bands are not signed to any major or minor label is not that big of a deal in 2016. With the availability of bandcamp and other social and streaming media, bands can fund their own work and do all of the heavy lifting in terms of promotion. Labels, now, represent a wider net of contacts and resources that are sometimes unremarkable compared to independent outfits. I am sure that some of these independent acts will be welcomed by…

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Fantastic Dreams: The Immersive World of Verminaard

Verminaard was a random find through my massive combings through Bandcamp. Wardens of a Light-Starved Realm had a black and white cover depicting a classic fantasy tableau which looked ripped out of an old RPG manual. Since then, the creator for Verminaard has been immensely active on the Facebook group and has been seeking advice, sharing wisdom, and participating perhaps more than most. Wardens of a Light-Starved Realm recently saw a limited cassette run and support from small labels. The creator for Verminaard is also a big collector and player…

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Anyone who knows me will know I’m a fan of the Total War games, and have been so since the 90s when cheese-fest Time Commanders (a show that featured the game) was instrumental in convincing my dad that since they were historical they were also educational. I’m not sure how I managed, but somehow I incepted into him the idea that, without the ability to simulate ancient Roman warfare my education would fail and I’d end up homeless, sustaining myself by scraping the grease out of discarded takeaway boxes with…

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MINDPATROL release new song with guitar play-through


Luxembourg progressive/death metallers MINDPATROL have announced guitarist, Miguel Teixeira, and the availability of a new guitar play-through video featuring a song from their first album Downfall Theatre. Mindpatrol chose “Depulsoris Ira” to be revised, as this rather straightforward, yet extremely fun to play song is one of Teixeira’s favourites from the band’s previous catalog. In addition to some minor improvements, the new version comes with a new solo and was mixed in the band’s own Muschel Productions Studios. Mastering was done by Sebastian Levermann of Orden Ogan in his Greenman…

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Malik Shah's Sanctuary by Raphael Lacoste

This is almost becoming unmanageable. Usually when I scroll through Bandcamp new arrivals for dungeon synth, I can find 4-5 decent releases. This has been normal for around a year of doing these columns. This month, I was flooded with decent material and in fact was overwhelmed at the amount of new and interesting releases available. There maybe a time when I will need to do this column twice a month just to cover all of the music. This month is also very special because I not only have arranged…

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Fantasy Art and the Pre Raphaelites

Fantasy art has always been an interest of mine in conjunction with, unsurprisingly, fantasy literature. Fantasy art now and its short history from the pulp illustration of the early 20th century has its own history which can be examined as a separate entity. Fantasy art after Tolkien and the the advent of high fantasy has become something else entirely worthy of study and obsession. To be honest, I sat down to just do a showcase on one contemporary fantasy artist and found myself drawn to another subject entirely. As much…

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