KULL (2008)

Okay let us be really honest here. We know that you are here because you like fantasy comics and we already know that Darkhorse has a stalker like fascination with the works of Robert E Howard. I know that I have talked before about Dark Horse’s multiple concurrent series of Conan but did I fail to mention smaller albeit still impressive series dealing with Kull? I didn’t? Well then let me inform you. Please sit down, this may take a little bit.

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kull the conqueror

Oh gods. It’s Kull. What, was Arnold Schwarzenegger not available to do a third movie? Ha. Ha. Oh, that is actually the reason for this movie? I’m sorry. As already discussed with other films, the 90’s hit a fantasy rough patch akin to a dusty stone stretch where the proverbial bike rider keeps skinning his goddamn knees for ten years. Looking back at the cache of films only reveals baleful failures, embarrassments, and good intentions. Kull does not start out with much promise. In fact, the film has a mountain…

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