The Hollywood Metal Top 5 Games Of 2014

Shovel Knight

It’s that time of year again. The rain gets colder, rum goes on sale in my local supermarket, and it suddenly becomes acceptable to be drunk in the middle of the day. The most magical time of the year (after Halloween, obviously). So before I set off to spend time with my family and celebrate the solstice by eating one of every animal, I thought I’d give you the gift of joy. My joy. Here’s the 5 games I enjoyed most this year.

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Top 10 Power Metal Records I Missed in 2014

Let us be honest here. I have not kept up with power metal as much as other genres in 2014. For whatever reason, be it time spent with black and death, or writing to many classic horror reviews, power, progressive, and some traditional metal went unnoticed until the end of the year. Instead of combing through other lists and writing sneaky retrospectives of albums I only listened to once or not at all, I thought it would be more honest if I acknowledged all the really cool things that were…

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MORS PRINCIPIUM EST – Dawn of the 5th Era

Melodic death might well be one of my favourite genres, at least when it’s done right. For some bands that can be pretty difficult to do, apparently. Either there’s too much focus onto the grinding, grunting fierceness of death or the lofty complexity of melodic metal. It’s a damn shame considering that when the stars align and everything works out it’s hard to imagine a better combination of influences.

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The Hobbit – The Battle of the Five Armies

The Hobbit - The Battle of the Five Armies

I feel the Hobbit series has become more of a point of contention for me, specifically directed at the rest of the world who seems to be dismissive of the entire series. One of the largest arguments I have made for the past three years is that Peter Jackson’s followup to Lord of the Rings, while not to the same caliber as it, is a decent enough fantasy film series that not only fulfills its role as an adaptation but works its way into setting the tone and stage for…

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DRAGON AGE – Inquisition

Dragon Age - Inquisition

I originally wanted to start this review calling dragon age Inquisition a surprise hit, but I’d be a damn liar. I loved the first one and the writing of the second, but in retrospect I guess I should have been a little worried. Bioware don’t exactly have the best track record for knowing what to do with the third game in a series. Or rather, they didn’t.

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EXODUS: Gods and Kings (2014)

exodus gods and kings

Editors Note: That cant be the real fucking poster can it. No. that is a joke mock up for the real poster. Come on. Exodus: Gods and Kings came out during a special year in which I had already spent a considerable amount of time reviewing newer sword and sandal films such as 300: Rise of an Empire, Pompeii, and both Hercules films. 2014 seemed to be a ripe time not only for a mild resurgence of overstuffed sand fantasy films but also possibly the return of the large budget…

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CRUACHAN – Blood for the Blood God

If you’re into Irish folk metal, you either know about Cruachan, or you’re wrong. The sad thing is it’s not necessarily your fault. But before you keep reading I want you to know that we don’t think any less of you, but now’s the time for you to stop reading, call the person who “introduced” you to folk metal, and ask why they failed you. Go on. I’ll wait.

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AXENSTAR – Where Dreams Are Forgotten

Axenstar are power metal from Sweden, which probably tells you enough to know how you’re going to feel about them. Aside from apparently being named after a secret constellation that’s only visible when it shines over the birthplaces of the descendants of Thor, they’re also one of the most pure power metal bands going today. Considering their Swedish heritage, I wouldn’t be surprised if one of them was born under the axenstar themselves. Having first come to attention 12 years ago with “Perpetual Twilight”, they’ve gone under a lot of…

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AMARANTHE – Massive Addictive

I feel many people sort of miss the point of power metal or at least aren’t really clear on what power metal actually is. If one thinks power metal is all about cheesy anthems of wizards and dragons they would be right only some of the time. While bands like Blind Guardian, Rhapsody, and Halloween make up the genres most recognizable aspects, there are other styles. Aside from the heavy fantasy imagery, legions of power metal bands have existed to use the sound as a vehicle for more sober imagery.…

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THE MUMMY (1959)

The Mummy 1959

I love when things come in series. This especially holds true for a series which sustains it’s quality throughout. Having an entity grouped together makes the whole much easier to process, compare, and contrast with other entities. Of course, history does not usually allow for such symmetry but when it does happen, it is marvelous. Take for example, the revitalization of the classic universal monsters with three films made from modest budgets in the span of three years. The Curse of Frankenstein, The Horror of Dracula, and The Mummy all…

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PRIMORDIAL – Where Greater Men Have Fallen

Primordial is a stew, a thick and complex melding of disparate ingredients coming together to produce a result of unlikely purity and inarguable strangeness. As a result they’re somewhat difficult to describe. You could call them black metal, and you certainly wouldn’t be wrong to do so, but you’d be missing the point in a pretty big way. Aside from the typical subjects of black metal (evil, death, war, evil wars, dying at war, dying evilly at war, warring evilly with death) these guys are harnessing their Irish roots to…

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