INTO THE DUNGEON: Delving into Old School Tabletop RPGs

This article acts as my inauguration into the world of tabletop articles and reviews. For the past few years, I have been into playing, running, and modifying systems for a variety of tabletop play. Our editor, Brendan, asked if I wanted to start writing about my experiences. I did not know where to start, so I chose the beginning…sort of. I am sure you have heard the letters D&D and perhaps even AD&D. These stand for Dungeons and Dragons and Advanced Dungeon and Dragons. What about S&W, C&C, DCC, LL,…

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GRAILKNIGHTS – Dead or Alive

Grailknights Dead or Alive

Grailknights are perhaps best understood through a long hard look at the cover art to their new EP. It’s a simple piece, detailing Sir Optimus prime, Count Cranium, Earl Quake, Sovereign Storm and Lord Drumculese flying in on a trail of neon lightning to do battle with their foul foe, Dr Skull. As you surely now understand, Grailknights are fucking inexplicable.

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SAGE’S RECITAL – The Winter Symphony

Winter Symphony, as an album, is fucking absurd. This isn’t a criticism, Neo-Classical Metal is famed for the thick vein of absurdity that runs from its metallic crust right to its molten core, but while some groups are content to merely hit at the over-enthusiatic bizarreness that marks out the genre, Winter Symphony dares to occupy the valley of the absurd in its entirety. My first hint that this was the case was in the album’s inspiringly triumphant cacophonous beginning. This is where it’ll lose a lot of people; there’s…

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Some of my fascination with dungeon synth comes from how small of a genre it is. This may seem trivial at first, until one realizes that one can experience the rate of growth along with a genre that is blossoming. Unlike heavy metal, or pop, or even smaller genres like psych or trance, it is difficult to see genres in real-time. Every month I have been going to Bandcamp and listening to each of the newest arrivals. Every month the array of albums has been manageable since last visiting. This…

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PAPER DUNGEONS: An Interview With The Creator of The Masmorra Zine

Masmorra DS 2

The Masmorra Zine was an important development, for me, in my understanding of dungeon synth. A little over a year ago, I was digging around for more information on dungeon synth and saw that a zine was being printed by some guy in Brazil. Fascinated, I ordered a copy and low and behold a gorgeous copy comes to my door complete with a poster and CD. The companion CD had an array of dungeon synth artists including Erang, Foglord, Celestial Crypt, Iami, and Hedge Wizard. The poster was a large…

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Far Cry Primal is the latest Ubisoft sandbox. It’s getting to be a genre of its own. You know the Ubisoft sandbox? A sprawling (often boring) map crammed with carefully signposted secrets, boring and repetitive optional missions and towers to climb and fill out the map. There’s also usually a plot too, but aside from one interesting baddie it’s generally entirely dross, a sorry and contrived excuse to have you explore the map and earn your tools. The thing the first person ones do best is gunplay, which is usually…

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Disgaea PC

Disgaea was a cult JRPG in the era where you could talk about a game being on the Playstation without having to specify a number, and launches now into its PC port after decades of the demands of its fans. Why they didn’t think to begin with the latest and exceptionally well received entry isn’t clear, but probably has something to do with the fact that it’d be much harder to sell Disgaea 1 in competition with its own superior sequel, so I’m expecting that at some point in the…

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THE DEVILS OF LOUDUN – Enduring Creation

The Devils of Loudun

The Loudun Possessions was a notorious witchcraft trial in Loudun, France in 1634. A convent of Ursuline nuns said they had been visited and possessed by demons. Following an investigation by the Catholic Church, a local priest named Father Urbain Grandier was accused of summoning the evil spirits. He was eventually convicted of the crimes of sorcery and burned at the stake. The Devils of Liuden was also a 1952 book by Aldous Huxley about the fanaticism and hysteria which surrounded the French town in the 17th century. There we…

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Our editor Brendan is really into Black Sails. In fact he has fallen so in love with this show he reviewed Treasure Island as sort of celebration and also extended interest. I hope this does not put any pressure on me. One could say our tiny little office is now covered in various piratical paraphernalia including flintlocks, tattered flags, and some sort of awful combination of rum and juice water. If that does not show dedication, I do not know what does. Brendan’s enthusiasm for the show has sort of…

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