DARK STAR – Dark Star

Dark Star - Dark Star 1981

Classic Metal Rewind is a way for me to revisit the past and unearth some heavy and power metal gems that I was either not knowledgable enough to listen to when they were released or not born and thus unable to purchase. Even if I was alive during the time of these releases, there still is the reality that I would have not been cool enough to be in the know of some lesser known heavy and power metal. Classic Metal Rewind is a chance to carve my own history where I am laying in my bed with giant headphones and a stack of great records in my queue.

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OMEN – Battle Cry

“In the days of darkness, men feared not the sword and the lance, Nor did he fear the beast of fire… He feared… The Axeman!!” The 4th of July is a wonderful time to gather with friends, drink in other people’s yards, and spin classic American heavy metal records. While all of those things may not happen exactly as I want them to, this weekend should be used to make your way through a time when power metal was an American invention, before Europe made it into what it is…

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MANOWAR – Sign of the Hammer

I enjoy reviewing older records that are approaching the realm of classics. I feel time is a way to measure a certain record’s maturation, and to evaluate if they become something more than when originally released. Time can age certain music, transforming it into something with heavier relevance or something forgotten. To narrow down classic records, it is easier to go on a schedule of anniversaries. To make it slimmer, one could go with milestone anniversaries. This would mean the years reviewed are 1974, 1979, 1984, 1989, and so on.…

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CIRITH UNGOL – King of the Dead

Cirith Ungol - King of the Dead

Note: I thought it would be interesting to take a tour through the history of power metal classics and underrated gems to compliment the reviews from newer bands. To start my trip through these sacred halls,I need to come to terms with Cirith Ungol. For the longest time, Cirith Ungol’s album covers, which were done by Michael Whelan, enticed me while Cirith Ungol’s actual music just baffled me. It was an ill fitting blend of traditional metal and proto-doom with a voice that whipped the dungeon ceiling. It took me…

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MANILLA ROAD – Crystal Logic

MANILLA ROAD - Crystal Logic

In the realm of classic heavy metal, few bands are as overlooked as Manilla Road. They were never really a commercial success and their wailing, epic, theatrical performances fell upon the ears of only a select few. With time, they have gained traction (and rightly so) as one of the premier heavy metal bands of the 1980’s, with their 1983 album Crystal Logic often being cited as the band’s crowning achievement. Little wonder, really, that this is the case, because Crystal Logic offers fans of bands like Cirith Ungol, Manowar,…

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