SUMMONING – With Doom We Come (2018)

With Doom We Come

The news of With Doom We Come, the 8th record from Austrian black metal band Summoning, was met with an undeniable and overwhelming amount of excitement not just from the perspective of a group of fans but from followers of an entire genre. Dungeon synth’s relationship with Summoning may seem a bit complex being the band has a tandem relationship with the sound but with the announcement of the band’s first in five years caused an uproar in small bedrooms. This is perhaps why the new Summoning record is so…

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In Mordor Where The Shadows Are – Homage to Summoning (2016)

Summoning is one of my favorite metal bands. This is not something I say lightly. Rather, favorite bands are only acquired after years of deep thought and reflection. This Austrian band’s contribution to atmospheric black metal as well as parallel influence in the dungeon synth scene and genesis for a smaller grouping of “Summoning-like” bands has elevated their status from metal act to something mythological. Add to this the band’s obsession with Tolkien lore and one has a legendary act which is all deserving of a tribute record. I feel…

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SUMMONING – Old Mornings Dawn

I talk a lot about Summoning. At parties, I pour praise over the band’s periphery involvement in the second wave black metal scene. I like to discuss the band’s 1995 record Dol Guldur as part of the conversation to draw attention away from the Norwegian centric attitudes that cripple black metal discussions. I feel that I talk so much more about Summoning — and how this Austrian black metal is not given the attention it deserves — than actually listening to their records. I may be using them as a…

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SUMMONING – Minas Morgul

SUMMONING- Minas Morgul

As a stark opponent of most symphonic-based metal, I’ve always been a bit perplexed why I find Summoning to be so excellent. I mean, their music is drenched – positively awash – with keyboards and all kinds of electronic wankery and atmospherics that would normally make me run for the door, but on releases like Minas Morgul I have a hard time even leaving my seat. It could be because these Austrians take inspiration from the lore and happenings of Tolkien’s Middle Earth, but it could also be because Protector…

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