Big Metal Month (November / December)

Big Metal Month was a new idea I had to keep up with some of the giant labels in heavy metal releasing new albums from well known bands. Since I have chosen to spend all of my time with dungeon synth and things no one else cares about, it is surprising to see some of metal’s biggest releases pass without notice. Big Metal Month also sounds like a comic book which comes in an oversized magazine with lots of pictures. This obviously makes me happy. Please use this column to…

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ne obliviscaris urn

I remember Portal of I when it came out in 2012 and the massive amount of hype this band got surrounding unorthodox yet seamless approach to extreme music. It seemed like a new era of music for some. I was not around for their 2007 demo which seem to follow the same cycle of hype and foreshadowing to great things. Urn is Ne Obliviscaris’ third record celebrating 10 years of releases and as 2017 comes to a close, this band reminds everyone that they have a firm hold in the…

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Heavy Metal 2017 (July)

Heavy Metal July

As always with this series, I enjoy highlighting art, mainly from Frank Frazetta, but also celebrating other popular works that could possibly align with the sound of traditional heavy metal. Case in point, pulp fiction. If we are going to be more specific than the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs. Though this writer has many works collected in his career, the name Boroughs is enshrined to two characters, John Carter and Tarzan. The later is where our picture comes from and not from Tarzan but his progeny Korak. The painting…

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Popular Metal Radar (July)

I think I am always going to be destined to write roundups or at least be drawn to them. Processing music is a daunting task and for as many things which come out every week it is difficult to keep up with them or peak people’s interest in everything. Already this site has a dungeon synth and a traditional/speed metal roundup which is delivered to a small niche and loyal audience. What is funny about spending so much time in niche pockets is often not hearing larger releases. I tried…

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Heavy Metal 2017 (April)

I think it is going to come to the point where my choices for Frazetta paintings are going to delve into the racy selections. Before we go full nudity with images how about we slip into adult artwork with this wonderful 1967 painting called Apparition. From the limited amount of records on Frazetta paintings, I can not find any magazine or book cover that this painting is attached. This does not mean this painting wasn’t used for something, rather, any connection is lost. What we do have though is a…

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SUBSTRATUM – Substratum (2017)

I am sort of upset that I am writing a review on Substratum’s full length as I think they would be great for my new Heavy Metal 2017 column. Fine, I will write a long form review on this… but there better be good heavy metal for February. Now with that out of the way, please welcome the glorious dawn with some energy that arcs like lightning.

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Heavy Metal Movie

If the tagline for Heavy Metal isn’t “Titties, Lasers, & Heavy Metal,” I am going to be upset. I feel that a perfect way to end my tour of 1980’s fantasy films is to end with Heavy Metal. I do this for a number of reasons. For the first reason, please see the opening sentence. Additionally, I began my 15 film marathon with Fire and Ice, another adult animated movie sold to an older audience of fantasy enthusiasts. In Fire and Ice I discussed my love for this style as…

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MANILLA ROAD – Crystal Logic (1983)

MANILLA ROAD - Crystal Logic

In the realm of classic heavy metal, few bands are as overlooked as Manilla Road. They were never really a commercial success and their wailing, epic, theatrical performances fell upon the ears of only a select few. With time, they have gained traction (and rightly so) as one of the premier heavy metal bands of the 1980’s, with their 1983 album Crystal Logic often being cited as the band’s crowning achievement. Little wonder, really, that this is the case, because Crystal Logic offers fans of bands like Cirith Ungol, Manowar,…

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